Website options and cost guidelines:

As someone requiring a website you are probably one of the following -

  • You already have a home grown site and simply require some help and advice in developing it further ...

  • You require a site designed from scratch but intend to maintain and look after it yourself. In which case you probably want a basic site, easy to update and to upload onto your host's servers ...

  • You know you need a website but do not have the time or technical inclination to build or maintain one. You require a fully professional looking website, updatable as and when necessary and where technical issues, like domain name registration and hosting for example, are managed by someone else ...

The way I work is to discuss in detail with you at the outset why you want a website and what you aim to achieve with it. We will agree which of the three options described above best fits your situation.

I will then outline a design for your site which we can discuss and develop as necessary.

Having finalised the overall scope of the project, I will provide a quotation for the work to be undertaken and for site maintenance if this is required.

I will keep you informed of work in progress and show you draft pages for your approval. This stage may all be done via e-mail.

I see this as an essentially collaborative process with my aim to create a fully functioning website specific to your needs.

As for cost this clearly depends on the scope of the project undertaken.