Why have a website?

There are many good reasons for having your own web site .....

... perhaps you're an artist wanting to show your work, a musician seeking publicity, or an individual or group with a fascination about something you passionately wish to share with others .....

... maybe you run a small business or manage an organisation requiring a presence on the web to advertise your products or services .....

  • The primary reason for having a website is that people expect you to have one.

  • The web is increasingly the first option in a person's search for information, services and products.

  • If you're not on the web, they won't find you - but they will find somebody else. Your potential customers are going elsewhere!

  • Your website is a relatively inexpensive way to showcase your interests or work in an informative, interesting and attractive way to an ever increasing local and worldwide audience.

  • You can easily inform your visitors and customers about recent developments or upcoming events.

  • Your domain name (www.your site name.co.uk) can be used as part of your e-mail address. This reminds your customers of your business name every time you contact them or they contact you.

  • A website provides your vital contact information: e-mail, telephone and business address and directions on how to find you.

  • Including your web address on your other publicity material (leaflets, newspaper adverts, headed letter paper etc.) gives existing and potential customers easy access to the information on your site.

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